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Easy Millionaire’s Shortbread

15 March 2021

Crumbly shortbread, gooey caramel and crispy dark chocolate. This is a simple recipe with guaranteed wow factor, such a treat! The white chocolate lines are a nice little visual extra but you can also just leave this out to make it even easier for yourself.

We’re still in lockdown at the moment, so I haven’t been baking as much, there’s only so much baked goods you can eat with the 2 of you. But today I started a new freelance gig for which I had to go in a meet a few new colleagues, so I didn’t hesitate an baked these little treats to hand out. Of course I still have loads left over, but it was worth it! 

Easy Millionaire’s Shortbread

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Dessert, baking
By Saffron & BBC Food Serves: 20-24
Prep Time: 10 minutes Cooking Time: 40 minutes Total Time: 50 minutes + 2 hours cooling time


  • Shortbread
  • 250g plain flour
  • 75g caster sugar
  • 175g butter, softened
  • Pinch of salt
  • Caramel
  • 100g butter or margarine
  • 100g light brown sugar
  • 397g can condensed milk
  • Pinch sea salt flakes
  • Chocolate topping
  • 300g plain or milk chocolate, broken into pieces
  • 50 g white chocolate (optional)


Shortbread (10 minutes prep, 20 minutes baking)


Heat the oven to 180°C.


Lightly grease or line a 20-22cm square or rectangular baking tin with a lip of at least 3cm. I lined a square baking tin with baking paper.


Mix the flour, caster sugar and salt in a bowl.


Rub in the softened butter until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs.


Keep kneading the mixture together until it forms a ball.


Press into the base of the prepared tin.


Prick the shortbread lightly with a fork and bake for 20 minutes until firm to the touch and very lightly browned.


Leave to cool in the tin.

Caramel (10 minutes)


In a sauce pan (preferably heavy based) place the butter, sugar and the can of condensed milk.


Heat gently until the sugar has dissolved, while constantly stirring with a spatuala or wooden spoon, making sure no sugar sticks to the bottom of the pan. (Brown specks might appear in the caramel but won’t affect the flavour.)


Turn up the heat to medium high, stirring all the time.


When starting to boil lower the heat back to low and stir continuously, ± 10 minutes until the mixture has thickened slightly.


Pour over the shortbread and sprinkle over sea salt flakes.


Leave to cool.

Chocolate (10 minutes)


Melt the chocolate slowly in a bowl over a pan of hot water.


Pour over the cold caramel and leave to set.


In the meantime melt the white chocolate and pour it into a small ziplock bag or a piping bag with a small nozzle. If using a ziplock bag snip off a tiny corner (± 1 mm) and criss cross the the white chocolate over the top.


Using a wooden skewer or a point of a fork drag lines through the white chocolate to make pretty patterns.


Leave to cool completely (± 1-2 hours) before cutting into squares with a hot knife.

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