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Oma Sonja’s Strawberry Tart with Pastry Cream

14 June 2020

My grandmother was crazy about strawberries, if she could she would have had them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think sometimes she did. So this little piece of sunshine pie is in honour of her. The pastry is from her recipe for ‘boterkoek’ which I found in one of her cookbooks in her secret handwriting (the table cloth and plate are also hers 😉

Oma Sonja’s Strawberry Tart with Pastry Cream

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Dessert, pie, sweet
By Saffron Serves: 8-10
Prep Time: 30 minutes Cooking Time: 1 hour Total Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

A fresh summer tart with fresh strawberries, creamy vanilla pastry cream and a blondie buttery crust.


  • Tart crust
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 175 g all purpose flour
  • 100 g unsalted butter, cold & cubed
  • 150 g white caster sugar
  • 15 ml cold water
  • Pinch of salt
  • Pastry cream
  • 500 ml milk
  • 2 sachets vanilla sugar
  • 100 g granulated sugar
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 2 tbsp flour
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • Topping
  • 500 g strawberries or mixed fruit


Tart crust


Preheat the oven to 175 C


In a large mixing bowl mix the dry ingredients.


Add the egg yolk, butter and water and knead the dough into a ball (± 5 min).


Wrap the dough in cling film and let rest in the fridge for 30 minutes.


Grease the pie mold with butter (24 cm diameter).


Dust your working surface and a rolling pin with some flour and take the dough out of the fridge.


Roll out the dough until ± 3cm wider than the pie mold.


Place the dough in the pie mold and push the sides in so it fits tightly. Roll over the top with your rolling bin to remove any excess dough.


Prick a few holes in the bottom to prevent the crust from lifting up during baking.


Place a piece of baking sheet on the crust, cover with baking beans and blind bake for 15-20 minutes until slightly browned.


Remove the baking sheet and beans and bake for another 10 minutes. If you notice that the base starts lifting up a bit prick some holes in the base.


In the meantime you can start prepping the filling.

Pastry cream


Separate the egg yolks from the egg-whites and set aside (Tip: freeze the egg-whites in a freezer-safe container or zip-top bag for later use).


In a small pan heat the milk with 1 tbsp of sugar and the vanilla pod until steaming and just starting to boil. Remove from heat.


Remove the vanilla pod, slice lengthwise, scrape out the seeds and add them to the milk mixture. You can discard the pod.


Mix the egg yolks with the leftover sugar until smooth.


Add a drop of warm milk and mix through straight away.


Add the flour and mix well making sure there are no lumps.


Slowly add a bit more milk until the mixture has the texture of cream, keep stirring all the time!


Now you can add the egg mixture to the pan with the warm vanilla milk.


Bring the mixture to the boil, while you keep stirring.


Let bubble on the lowest heat for 1 minute, you'll notice the mixture will start to thicken.


Pour the still warm pastry cream over the pie crust.


Cover the pie and place in the fridge for 1,5 - 2 hours to cool completely



Prepare the fruit how you want to serve them. When the pie is cooled add the fruit on top.

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