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Greek Chicken Gyros with Cucumber Tzatziki

21 April 2023

Ok, ok, the house still smelled like a Greek BBQ the next day, but it was sooo worth it! I love the smokey charred flavour of the lemony chicken gyros. It’s marinated for 30 minutes (longer even better) in a mix of lemon juice, olive oil, oregano, pepper and salt and then just simply grilled on hight heat until charred and yummy. Let rest for a few minutes in aluminium foil and you’ve got some amazing juicy chicken on your hands.

The secret to juice chicken thighs or breasts? Grill them whole and only slice them just before serving, this will keep the juices in the meat.

I served it on homemade flatbreads with some tzatziki, lettuce, tomato and thinly sliced onions.

Recipe inspired by the amazing @recipetineats

Greek Chicken Gyros with Cucumber Tzatziki

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Dinner, lunch, snack Mediterranean, Greek
By Saffron Serves: 2
Prep Time: 30 minutes Cooking Time: 10 minutes Total Time: 40 minutes


  • Chicken
  • 4 chicken thighs or 2 chicken breasts, left whole
  • 3 garlic cloves, grated
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice (just over half a lemon)
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tbsp tbsp dried oregano
  • 1 tsp salt
  • Crushed black pepper
  • Tzatziki
  • 1/2 cucumber, thinly sliced (I used a mandolin)
  • 250 g full fat Greek Yoghurt
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • Large handful fresh mint
  • 1 tbsp dried mint (optional)
  • Pepper & Salt to taste
  • To serve
  • Chili flakes
  • Sliced tomatoes
  • Thinly sliced red or white onions
  • Lettuce
  • Flatbread or rice



Add all the ingredients for the marinade and the chicken into a large bowl. Mix well so everything is coated in the marinade, cover and place in the fridge. Let marinade for at least 30 minutes, 3 hours is even better, 24 hours is amazing. But 30 minutes is fine too, that's what I did with these.


In the meantime make the tzatziki by mixing all the ingredients together into a bowl and tasting and adjusting along the way. Cover and set aside until ready to eat.


Heat a grill pan or a heavy based skillet on high heat for a few minutes until smoking.


Place the chicken into the hot pan and let them sizzle and sear, don't move around or they'll stick to the pan.


After about ± 3-4 minutes they should easily let go of the pan. When nice and grilled on one side flip them over and continue to cook on the other side for another ±3-4 minutes until cooked through.


When done remove from the pan and wrap in aluminium foil to rest for ± 5 minutes.


In the meantime heat your flatbreads.


Slice the chicken into bitesize pieces and serve on flatbreads with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, tzatziki and, sprinkle of chili flakes and a drizzle of the resting juices of the chicken (this is packed with flavour!).

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