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Lemper Ayam – Indonesian Sticky Rice Rolls filled with Spicy Chicken

2 August 2020

One of the reasons I started this foodblog was that I could challenge myself to try out more ingredients and techniques that I would usually shy away from. Todays challenge is a 2 in 1: a new Indonesian ingredient: sticky rice, and a new technique: breaking down a whole chicken.

I always prefer to use freerange and organic chicken, but generally these are more expensive, especially the separate cuts. Breaking down and using a whole chicken makes it way more affordable, and now I know how to do it, I’ll do it much more often! From one chicken you get ± 8-10 portions of meat and then you also still have the carcass left to make an amazing stock, nothing goes to waste! Gordon’s Ramsay Masterclass explains very well how to tackle breaking down the chicken.

After that I made Lemper, the sticky rice package filled with spicy chicken. It’s not very difficult, but quite time consuming, it took me about 2,5 hours in total to make them (but luckily I find pottering around in the kitchen very relaxing). Recipes inspired by @lekkertafelen and @mariskacornelis

Usually Lemper isn’t served with a dipping sauce, but hey, I’m a dipper 😉 so I made a quick sauce with ketjap manis, sambal badjak, tamarinde, sesame oil, garlic powder, honey and a splash of water.


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